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Foto Simon Frick und David Helbock
David Helbock: piano, electronics, percussion
Simon Frick: violin, electronics

Wo wir toben, ist oben

Louis Armstrong coined one of the most important sentences about music: “Jazz is only what you are”. And what David Helbock and Simon Frick are, can be heard immediately: Old school buddies. The way the two of them play off one another - provoking, stimulating and thereby understanding blindly – revealing their craftsmanship and connoisseurship. Thanks to the phenomenal technology and giant leaps across stylistic trenches, this musical chumming around still even sounds exciting and fresh.

Without fearing to make a kaboom and bubbling with ideas, this Austrian cocktail seizes upon Balkan folk music, classical music, rock, soul, jazz, experimental, free style, swing, nonsense - on instruments and non-instruments – and gives them all a hearty shake. The resulting concoction sounds like the metal-working industry meeting up with the Catholic Church, explosive and filled with brilliant vitality and intoxicating sensuality.

Interaction is top priority for both these exceptional musicians. By pushing the limits to the sound of piano and violin and by using percussion and all kinds of effect devices, their music twitches in constantly surprising directions (“Just a Serious Joke”). On the track “Herzberger”, Simon Frick mutates from a successful gypsy café violinist to a rock guitarist whose rosin’s turned flaky, then twirls abruptly into a world of sound by Arnold Schönberg, finally landing in wild noise. The calmer tracks reveal the proximity to classical modernism and yet are flawless jazz. An uprising is constantly lurking behind musical decency. At every musical corner, a stylistic robber is ambushing habit and transporting it to a foreign land (Seemanslied).

Two wandering dervishes proving the sales drivel and drabble of those self-appointed multi-stylists to be wrong, those who are stuck inside the box, unable to think outside it. Helbock and Frick literally jump out of the box. And more important: They simply make music together.